Enterprise Solutions for Consumer Science

Teams use the Nucleus platform to optimize their ad budgets, promo calendars, and demand plans using our collaborative workflow software

For Product Teams

For Media Teams

Product Teams Increase Margins With The Profit Maximizing Promo CalendaR

Auto-quantify Price Effects

WP models automatically isolate how your customers respond to price and promo from other concurrent causes

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Optimize MSRP and Promos by Retailer

Input retailer promo shares and constraints like minimum funding, max-on/min-off, and see the auto-optimized promo calendar

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Adjust & Compare Promo Scenarios to Create a Plan

Use your expert knowledge to easily adjust any part of the calendar, auto-compare alternatives, and lock in the plan

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For Product Marketers:
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Build a Shared Promo Calendar

Use a familiar calendar interface to plan price promotion scenarios. Set the timing and discount for each promotion in your planning horizon. Promos can be the same across or vary by retailer. Support what-if scenario planning by collaborating with your team on a shared portfolio of alternative promo calendars.
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Forecast Sales Under Promo

Immediately assess the impact of promo scenarios on sales, revenue or profits. Save time, because our software automatically combines your newly created scenario with the most recent consensus ad spend plan, store launches and other inputs. Plan with confidence, knowing your forecast comprehensively accounts for the drivers of consumer behavior, including seasonality, price sensitivity, substitution within a product line, and more.
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Compare Forecasts across Alternative Promo Plans

Compare forecasted unit sales, revenue, gross profit and promo “spend,” across a portfolio of alternative promo calendar scenarios. Easily see how the impact of scenarios differ across time. Drill-down to results within a product line and by retailer. Easily collaborate with Supply Chain by making a decision with your team and submitting directly to the upcoming S&OP planning cycle.
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Auto-Optimize the Best Promo Calendar

Let our optimizer do the work of discovering the best promo plan. Define your financial goal including NPV or net revenue, select a time window, constrain the range of discounts, designate retailer price advantage and let the optimizer get to work. You can optimize the promo calendar by retailer, the ad spend budget by line item, or even both at the same time.

Media Teams Increase ROAS With The Profit Maximizing Ad Budget

Auto-quantify Ad Spend Effects

WP models automatically isolate how your customers respond to ads from other concurrent causes

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Optimize Ad Spend by Channels, Partners, Phase and Geo

Input CLVs, COGs and constraints like agency-committed budgets, and see the auto-optimized total budget and line item allocations across weeks and geos

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Adjust & Compare Media Scenarios to Create a Plan

See which agencies and tactics are spending short or past saturation, and who is really driving awareness. Use your expert knowledge to easily tweak allocations, auto-compare alternatives, and lock in the plan

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For Sales Teams:
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Forecast Sales under Promos and Ad Spend

Always operate from a forecast kept up-to-date with the impact of the latest promo and ad spend plans. Instantly see the forecasted impact on units and revenue. Drill down to individual weeks, retailers or products.
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Understand the Drivers of Consumer Sales

Meticulously separate the effect of known consumer sales drivers. Understand the degree to which true seasonality (beyond ads and discounts) gates sales potential. See how your consumers respond to changes in price or ad spend, and how this varies across retailers. Know how much consumers intrinsically value each product in a product line. Reveal which ad channels have the greatest impact on which retailers.
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Forecast the Financial Impact of Promos

Easily adapt the current promo calendar to include one-off promos. Plan down to a single SKU at a single retailer and easily assess the financial impact across the category, even accounting for how consumers substitute within a product line.
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Adjust retailer forecasts based on shipment plans

Adjust the forecast with expert knowledge, whether due to unplanned trade spend, a viral social video, shipping delays, or any other impacts that cannot be modeled. Apply proportional or absolute adjustments or completely override the forecast model.