Sales and Operations Planning with A.I.

The Nucleus software platform helps consumer durables brands optimize promo calendars, ad spend budgets, and demand plans by knowing what will happen to sales under changes to operating plans

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Causal Models Build Better Plans

Persistent Problems Nucleus Addresses:

Sales Spends Too Much Time on Forecasts

You could decrease time spent up to 80%


With Nucleus, sales teams only need to correct the last 20% of the forecast, while automation takes care of 80% of the work of translating marketing plans into an accurate demand forecast

Price Promos Aren't Driving Incrementality

You could increase gross margin up to 16%


With Nucleus scenario planning, you can plan promos that achieve sales targets while preserving margin, understanding gross profit under and promo lift

Half of Your Media Spend is Waste

You could increase ROAS up to 411%


Media teams can right-size and improve budget allocation to boost profits, focusing on the channels and tactics that matter the most, abandoning the less impactful spend.

Supply Chain Forecast Accuracy has Stalled

Increase forecast accuracy up to 70% points on average


Supply chain teams can collaborate with marketing and sales to rally around a shared forecast that quantitatively accounts for marketing plans to shape retailer purchasing and get ahead of issues.

What Nucleus
clients are saying

Once we started using Nucleus for our ad spend budget planning, we saw immediate opportunities to improve ROAS. We quickly learned which tactics just weren’t driving results and relied on the Ad Spend Optimizer to continuously replan and improve.



Marketing Director, Drinkworks

With Well Principled, we created a supply chain “nerve center”, being able to optimize costs and resources with machine learning, while funneling in input from customers, finance and commercial which led to best-in-class results in new product forecast accuracy.



VP Anheuser-Busch

With WP Nucleus we’re more confident in who we target, what products to promote, and the investment needed to scale return. The intelligence and automation it provides has greatly improved our efficiency.



Director, E-Commerce - Bissell

Solving these Problems Requires More than just Analytics


You can't curate data you don't know is bad. Know how to spot it.

Fit For Purpose

You don't trust you have the best plan. Use causal models.

Based Execution

"Actionable insights" never are. Drive process change.

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