Science Product Pipelines with A.I. Model-Assisted Selection

The Nucleus software platform helps science businesses reduce testing and accelerate wins by systematizing product development as learning to manipulate mechanisms. Our platform learns from your existing funnel testing data and a catalog of mechanisms mined from academic literature.

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Systematizing Science with A.I.

Nucleus Learns Why Products Work:

Hard Science

How can I identify more promising products while testing fewer candidates?


Reduce early stage testing

Typical early-stage product funnels need to test a wide set of candidates--and this is expensive. We've found the root cause to be that we don't know which mechanisms will fulfill product requirements. Should a tastier strawberry produce more sugar or more flavor compounds? Nucleus drops losing candidates using in-silico simulation to reduce early stage testing.

Hard Science

How can I advance candidates more quickly through phases?


Accelerate pipeline advancements

Typical product funnels require many successive phases of testing--and this is slow. We've found the root cause to be that mechanisms are entangled with each other and with the environment. Was this strawberry variety really tastier, or was it just a good year? Nucleus allows you to advance earlier by learning to disentangle mechanisms. It does this by combining your testing data with a simulation model built on a catalog of causal mechanisms mined from the academic literature.

Consumer Science

Which promos and prices would drive incremental profits for Product?


Increase gross margin up to 16%

The Nucleus platform automatically quantifies price elasticity from historical data. Product teams use Nucleus optimizers and what-if scenarios to confidently plan promos that hit sales targets while preserving margin.

Consumer Science

Which half of agency spend is actually driving incremental sales from Media?


Increase ROAS up to 411%

The Nucleus platform automatically quantifies how every ad dollar drives incremental sales, including the effects of saturation, awareness and interaction with promos and season. Media teams can right-size and reallocate budgets to boost profits.

What Nucleus
clients are saying

Once we started using Nucleus for our ad spend budget planning, we saw immediate opportunities to improve ROAS. We quickly learned which tactics just weren’t driving results and relied on the Ad Spend Optimizer to continuously replan and improve.



Marketing Director, Drinkworks

With Well Principled, we created a supply chain “nerve center”, being able to optimize costs and resources with machine learning, while funneling in input from customers, finance and commercial which led to best-in-class results in new product forecast accuracy.



VP Anheuser-Busch

With WP Nucleus we’re more confident in who we target, what products to promote, and the investment needed to scale return. The intelligence and automation it provides has greatly improved our efficiency.



Director, E-Commerce - Bissell

Solving these Problems Requires More than just Analytics


You can't curate data you don't know is bad. Know how to spot it.

Fit For Purpose

You don't trust you have the best plan. Use causal models.

Based Execution

"Actionable insights" never are. Drive process change.

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