Integrating With:

Nucleus Powered Applications Build Technology Into Business Process

WP Acquire

Right size and allocate ad spend and plan promotional pricing based on optimal profit potential

WP Grow

Grow customer loyalty with personalized marketing tailored to their journey stage and lifetime value

WP Forecast

Build better forecasts combining modeled demand from fundamental sales drivers with additional expertise

WP Allocate

Allocate limited inventory to retailers accounting for both profit potential and intangibles

Targeted data Curation

Continuous integration, curation, and management of your data–even those excel spreadsheets–so you’re always working from data you can trust.

Fit for Purpose A.I.

Nucleus runs on pre-built models that move beyond black box offerings and embed domain expertise, delivering outcomes based on methodologies and best practices that you can understand. 

Scenario- Based Execution

End-to-end software workflows and integrations that close the loop on execution by embedding optimized decisions into daily operations